Samsung Note 9 catches fire and the company isn’t taking it lightly

A Galaxy Note 7 caught fire on a Southwest Airlines flight. Pic: Brian Green/ The Verge

It hasn’t been too long since Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 9 and it has been associated with one of those words which brings back some horrible memories for the company; “Fire!” 

The Samsung Note 9 Fire Story

So the story goes as follows. Diane Chung for the USA claims she was “trapped alone” in a Bayside elevator when the Note 9 “became extremely hot” and produced a “whistling and screeching sound” before exhaling a “thick smoke.”

The content of the purse, which the phone was in, were destroyed and breathing and visibility were an issue in the elevator. Luckily, a “good samaritan” came to her rescue and grabbed the allegedly defective phone with a cloth as soon as the elevator stopped and went “plunking” the device in a bucket of water. 

How accurate is the story? 

The story obviously does raises a few eyebrows (and questions too).

Are there any witnesses to the story? Where did this cloth and bucket of water come from? Was the “good samaritan” just standing in the lobby with a cloth and a bucket of water? 

The woman, real estate agent Diane Chung, from Long Island has filed a lawsuit against Samsung at Queens Supreme Court seeking damages from Samsung, the New York Post said.

What is Samsung’s response?

Keeping in mind the infamous 2016 disaster with the Note 7s, Samsung is taking the lawsuit and the incident very seriously. They are “investigating the matter” while keenly stating the fact that is the first complaint they have received in regards to a Galaxy Note 9 explosion.