Samsung launches a cinema LED screen that’s 34 feet wide


Samsung Electronics launched its first ever commercial Cinema LED screen in South Korea at the Lotte Cinema World Tower. The screen is designed as an HDR LED display suitable for theatres and creates a more vibrant display. It also offers better audio capabilities thanks to its collaboration with Harman Professional Solutions and its own Samsung Audio Lab.

So how big is the Samsung Cinema LED?

The screen measures 10.3 metres or 33.8 feet wide in size. That said, the cinema LED screen accommodates a variety of theatre configurations depending on requirement.

What’s the low-down?

The display brings some stunning HDR picture quality to the big screen, and delivers content in ultra-sharp 4K with super bright levels, about ten times greater than current projector technologies. It also offers the brightest colours and the deepest blacks as well the whitest whites possible.

The display uses its advanced presentation capabilities in a full range of dark and ambient lighting conditions. This flexibility makes the Cinema LED screen ideal for corporate events, concerts, sports event viewing and gaming competitions.