Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 48 hours later: Look out iPad Pro!


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ offers one of the better Android tablet experiences around, priced at Dh3,599. In the box, it is bundled with a Type-A to Type-C USB cable, a 15W charging brick to charge the 10,090mAh battery of the tablet and the new S-Pen we have seen with the Galaxy Note20 series. Pre-order customers also get a Book Cover Keyboard, which we think is a necessity to fully take advantage of the experience.

Display and functionality

On the front of the tablet, you find a 12.4-inch Quad-HD+ Super AMOLED display. This supports both a 120Hz refresh rate and HDR10+ making content flow smoothly on screen. Perhaps the front bezels could have been smaller but this is a trade-off for the good quad-speakers on the tablet. Aside from these, you also find a single Type-C USB port for charging the tablet, the volume and power buttons, two microphones as well as a SIM-tray on the edges of the tablet. While there is no LTE variant of the Tab S7+ in the UAE, this allows for micro-SD expansion up to 1TB.

With the display capable of both QHD+ and 120Hz simultaneously, using it is a treat

From a usage perspective, the tablet is solid. With out variant, you find the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of UFS 3.0 storage. In tandem, handling applications is no issue. We tested PUBG on the device, which ran smoothly too at HDR and Extreme settings. And while on the surface, this is still OneUI 2.5 draped over Android 10, you are able to take advantage of the large screen. For instance, Samsung’s pop-up style for applications comes in incredibly handy if you want to do multiple things at once.

Book Cover Keyboard

Arguably, the sleek and well-built tablet alone may not be enough for someone who wants to truly utilize the power on-board. I often found myself using the Galaxy Tab S7+ with the Book Cover Keyboard. This is a handy accessory giving users a more conventional experience. With it, you get an additional track-pad and keyboard, both of which are extremely useful for typing and navigating.

The typing experience on the Book Cover Keyboard is satisfying

Furthermore, the Book Cover Keyboard allows you to access Samsung DeX. This makes the tablet produce a more desktop like experience, which is admirable. Being able to seamlessly switch to this for work was great and honestly, it has come close to replacing my main computer at least for basic tasks. Plus, Samsung makes it easy for you to collaborate with Microsoft products with syncing as well as share files with others using Android’s Nearby Sharing.

DeX support lets you do a lot more with the tablet

The keyboard itself too is pretty robust. It does not feel like an afterthought and genuinely provides good typing feedback. The track-pad feels slightly less premium but this is not a complaint by far. If anything, an added port on the accessory itself would have been nice to see on top of the single Type-C USB port found on the tablet.

S-Pen support

Another great accessory which comes bundled with the Galaxy Tab S7+ is the S-Pen. This brings a slew of improvements including support for gestures and a better responsiveness. It has truly brought out a great deal of creativity, accompanied with the improvement in Samsung’s Notes application. You can choose from a variety of features, brushes and colors which in the right hands could help you create some great art pieces. Palm rejection here is also great barring instances here and there which could get annoying when immersed in a project.

With the S-Pen, anyone can be creative on the tablet

The pen is also ideal for note taking, working well to bring about a natural experience. There are also tools within Samsung Notes to help you convert written text to type-face, which could be particularly helpful for students. But not everything about the S-Pen is as useful. Its gesture support seems a bit half-baked when it comes to real world usage and perhaps it could have been more helpful if they worked on the track-pad of the Book Cover Keyboard.More importantly though, the pen’s placement can pose an issue. While the tablet itself has a flat back ideal for writing, magnetically attaching the S-Pen at the back props it up unnaturally. This is fixed with the Book Cover Keyboard however even so, the pen becomes a bit hardware to access. In lieu of this, I often found myself attaching the pen to the top of tablet, which worked just as well given the strength of the magnets.

Cameras and bio-metrics

While no one wants to be seen lugging a 12.4-inch slab for pictures, you can do so with the Galaxy Tab S7+. it has a decent dual-camera configuration with a 13MP wide and a 5MP ultra-wide lens. But do not expect anything but average results from these. There is also an 8MP front camera on the device which can come in handy for video calls. Finally, the AMOLED display enables a pretty snappy in-screen fingerprint scanning experience although this is an optical sensor and not an ultrasonic one like on Samsung’s flagship smartphones.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ has all the makings of being a worthy opponent to the Apple iPad Pro lineup. It has all the bells and whistles of high-tier processing and offers set of peripherals that truly enhance your workflow and productivity. We are yet to truly test the tablet out for full-scale video editing but that should give us an opportunity to compare it against Apple’s lineup.