Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is the perfect Android counterpart to Apple’s latest iPad Pro. With a welcome Dex integration, it takes it even a step further. As far as Android tablets go, there’s less choice today than used to be. Thanks to the S-Pen that comes with the device just imagine the power of the Galaxy Note in your hands with a large screen, expandable microSD storage, mouse, keyboard and a choice of operating systems.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4: What’s Inside

The Samsung Tab S4 comes with a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display, with a lot less bezels than its predecessor. The much larger screen and less bezel come thanks to the exclusion of the home and capacitive buttons on the front. The fingerprint sensor is replaced by the iris scanner that can have a little lag at first but doesn’t really hinder the tab’s use.

It uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset with 4GB RAM. A year-old chipset and only 4GB of RAM may seem like the tablet would seem to lag behind its competitors. It worked smoothly and almost never struggled to keep up in our moderate-powered testing. That being said it should be mentioned that we reviewed the product for just under 2 weeks. Over general usage, I could see the old processing power starting to lag. 

On the side, you’ll find AKG-tuned quad speakers and a headphone jack, thankfully. The device is too sleek to keep held without any form of cover. The Tab 4 has also upped its battery game to 7,300mAh, ensuring it’ll last a while since tablets aren’t easily used while plugged in. Thanks to fast charging being included, even if you ran out before you’re done using it, a short break will give you enough juice to wrap things up.

There’s a 13MP camera on the back and an 8MP on the front. The rear camera records video in 4K and the front is at 1080p. It’s workable for video conferencing use but surely no one still uses tablets to take photographs of anything.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4: Daily Use

Not being a tablet user for some time, it took some getting used to, however, I was excited about the possibilities. I started using the Tab S4 as my laptop supplement at home – which worked well to browse, check my emails, etc. I would take it to work and use it to take notes in meetings, instead of my 15-inch laptop. I stopped writing in notebooks years ago and this was a pleasant return to the exercise. Thanks to apps like Evernote, Google Drive and it’s accessories, having all my requirements in the cloud is fairly simple.

The Samsung Tab S4 has built-in Dex (it mimics a desktop’s interface and comes with second-screen capabilities) which really helps transform the tablet experience for users that miss or need the desktop feel from time to time.

The Dex capabilities can be activated through the new Keyboard case or an type-C to HDMI dongle. While we have tried to latter with various smartphones, we really wanted to give it a go with the Tab S4 but alas couldn’t get our hands on one. If you’re interested in the same check out the video linked above. 

I’ve loved the S-Pen since the early Note days. It’s highly functional and useful. I miss not having a slot to put it in and needing to be extra careful with it, however, not a dealbreaker. It’s a comfortable design that makes writing and navigating the tab feel as natural as possible. It requires no charging, looking at you Apple Pencil and comes with a holster so it can be clipped to the keyboard or anything else for storage.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4: Verdict

We live in an era with multiple device formats available, so the Galaxy Tab S4 can fit into many brackets. If you’re someone that continues to prefer tablet-use in between a phone and computer use, then this one’s definitely for you.

Are you looking at the Tab S4 as a worthy competitor to a Surface Pro or Chromebook? I don’t think we’re there yet. It’s a great tablet to browse the web without a clunky laptop or being limited by your phone’s size. It’s also great to read books on and catch up on emails while lying in bed or on the sofa.

The screen is great and the S-Pen is highly functional. Dex mode being present is great, but we feel it would leave a little more to be desired when you switch to full work mode. It’s definitely a good work-in-progress and we’re looking forward to seeing how Samsung evolves this feature. In a couple of iterations, it could easily take on Surface tablets and Chromebooks.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is available for Dh2399 across all major online and offline outlets. It comes in Black and Grey variants with options of WiFi and LTE.



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