Samsung’s Galaxy Note Fan Edition hits Korea

Does FE stand for Fan Edition or Fire Extinguisher?


The ill-fate of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 did not go unnoticed. And while we thought its direct successor would be the upcoming Note 8, this isn’t the case. Instead, the company has relaunched the Galaxy Note 7 as the Note Fan Edition, available in South Korea for the time being.

The device shares a great resemblance to the Note 7 barring one key difference in hardware. And yes, that should make it less prone to blowing up.

Not quite the design of a 2017 flagship

We know Samsung pushed the limits with battery on the Note 7. But with the Note Fan Edition, the company has toned it down. The handset features a smaller 3,200mAh battery as opposed to the Note 7’s 3500mAh cell. As added precaution, the battery has also gone through a rigorous 8-point battery safety test the company started with the Galaxy S8.

The handset also shares the software found on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ with full Bixby support. At least there isn’t a dedicated hardware button for it.

The smartphone in every other sense is identical to the beloved Note 7. With so many unused parts gone to waste, it isn’t a surprise for Samsung to make this move. The company admits to using these spare parts by spinning the process off as an eco-friendly initiative.

A special edition for special fans. Would you buy one?

But with the nature of the device, we don’t expect a conventional release for this phone considering how near we are to the Note 8. Samsung expects to sell 400,000 units of the Fan Edition in South Korea with numbers for other markets not disclosed as of yet.

As for pricing, the Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition goes for 699,600 Won (about Dh2,237) and will be available starting July 7 in the usual Black Onyx, Blue Coral, Silver Titanium and Gold Platinum colours. A matching cover case will be provided out of the box with the smartphone. There is no word on availability in the Middle East at this moment.

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