Samsung Galaxy Note 9 confirmed by FCC filling

What improvements can the Galaxy S9 Plus bring over the Note8's camera?

It’s the time of year Samsung brings out its big guns for the release of its major flagship device: the Galaxy Note 9. Rumours have been flying around for some time but it’s no secret that every recent Note release happens around the July-August mark, usually a month after its FCC filing.

Galaxy Note 9: FCC filing and possible release date

The official FCC filing points to a Samsung unveiling event at the end of July. The FCC filing doesn’t give us any other hints except for all the LTE bands that will be available. The FCC LTE tests show the model number is SM-N960F, with two additional models, SM-N960F/DS and SM-N960X also listed. Last year’s Galaxy Note 8 had the model number SM-N950, so SM-960 makes sense.

Galaxy Note 9: Possible specs

Previous rumours have suggested we won’t be seeing any significant hardware upgrades for the Note 9, which follows the S9 and S9+ as mere incremental upgrades to last year’s Galaxy 8 series. Filler flagship devices are a good thing. With phone prices ever-increasing, it doesn’t force owners of last year’s devices to upgrade and gives users with older a models a decent upgrade option. Clearly Samsung is saving the big guns for next year’s Note 10 series.

Expect to see littler difference on the insides as well. The processor and camera won’t be much different, if at all, from the Galaxy S9+. The S-Pen would be the only avenue to expect anything brand new from Samsung at the Note 9’s Unpacked event this year, as the South Korean brand retained the Note 7’s stylus for the 8. Date is yet to be confirmed from Samsung, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as the invites are out.