Samsung Galaxy Fold to be relaunched in September

Will these changes revive Samsung's broken dream?


Following the delay of the release of Galaxy Fold due to hardware issues, Samsung has now announced that the device will be ready for relaunch after amendments were made to protect its screen.

Galaxy Fold: New changes

According to Samsung, the company has made a number of important improvements to reinforce the Galaxy Fold hardware. First and foremost is the changes made to the protective layer of the Infinity Flex Display of Galaxy Fold. Now, the protective layer extends beyond the bezels, making it an integral part of the screen. Reviewers were removing this layer mistaking it for a screen protector, in turn damaging the screen. Blending of the layer beyond the bezels makes it apparent that it’s not meant to be removed.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold (via Samsung)

Furthermore, Samsung has added reinforcement for protecting the device against external particles such as debris getting in through the hinge and damaging the screen. Additionally, the top and bottom of the hinge area have been strengthened with newly added protection caps. A metal layer has been added for improved protection of the Galaxy Fold’s display. Finally, the space between the hinge and the body has also been reduced to make the device sturdier.

Samsung released rendered images to highlight the differences between the old and new Galaxy Fold. From the image, you can see that the new Fold positioned below the old one has a new piece on the hinge.

This rendered image highlights an extra added piece on the new Fold’s hinge (via Verge)

This piece is likely to be responsible for protecting the device from dust and debris entering through the gaps. The image of the back of the device showcases the reduced space between the hinge and the body.

You can see a reduced gap between the body and the hinge (via Verge)

The change is very subtle but definitely visible on a closer look. Again, the new device is below the old. You can see the new Fold sitting much firmly on the hinge compared to the old Fold that has much more gap between the hinge and the body.


Hoping that the new changes fix the breaking screen and damaging panel issues, the Galaxy Fold will remain at the initially announced price of $1,980 (Dh7,273.03).