Will the Samsung Galaxy S10 display be unbreakable?

Just how tough can this display be?


Reports suggest that Samsung has cracked the secret to an uncrackable display and we will see it on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Current phone displays use a glass screen, which is more susceptible to cracking and breaking on impact. This new screen will use a flexible OLED display overlaid with a fortified plastic window replacing the traditional glass display.

This more than just a claim by Samsung. The Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an official testing company for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the US Department of Labor (OSHA), has certified this new panel technology. The OSHA testing standards are military grade as they were set by the US Department of Defense.


As part of the tests, the panel was dropped from 1.2 metres 26 times in a row at varying degrees and temperatures. The panel continued to function normally with no damage to its front, sides or edges. It was then  taken to a level above military grade standards and dropped from 1.8 metres, and still showed no signs of damage.

Major upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy S10

Rumours suggest that this unbreakable display might be seen on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10. However, there are also chances that it might be saved later for the rumoured foldable Galaxy X. The Samsung Galaxy X, rumoured to launch early next year, should feature a seven-inch display that can fold over completely.

We might also see Samsung supplying this display to multiple manufacturers, resulting in various smartphones rocking the same display. Due to its unique qualities, the display is expected to get used not only in smartphones but also in automobiles, mobile military devices, portable games consoles and tablet PCs aimed at e-learning use.

We will know more once Samsung decides to reveal more. However, this could mean that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 is aiming to be a trendsetter. To know more, you can watch Samsung’s video here.


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