Samsung’s curved phone shown in renders


Curved screens are now becoming far too common. Enter Samsung, which pioneered curved screens, to make history. It’s coming out with a new smartphone with a foldable display. There have been such rumours since 2015, but now we have the blueprint of the device.

samsung-curved-phone3Thanks to a patent application, we can now see the sketches of the device, which remind us of the old flip smartphones. The hinge design looks similar to Microsoft’s Surface Book, meaning the phone will not close fully with a small gap in between.

samsung-curved-phoneThe front of the phone has the classic Samsung touch, with the Home button and back button in their respective places. What’s interesting is that it has the Menu key, which is pretty much outdated. This shows us how long Samsung has been working on this device. The aspect ratio of the screen looks like 21:9. Rumours suggest the phone may be named Galaxy X.