Samsung confirms next Note will be Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Note 6 (actually a 5)
#GNTECH caretaker GKW trying out the Note 5 and Gear S2

We all knew it was coming and now Samsung has made it official. Its latest Galaxy Note is going to be called Note 7, skipping over the Note 6 in order to avoid confusion and stay true to its Galaxy S7 series. The company explained this in a press release yesterday. Another point being talked about, and obviously not mentioned in Samsung’s press release, is that the iPhone 7 comes out this year and from a consumer’s perspective, they need to see the same series so they don’t consider the would-be Note 6 — a competitor to the iPhone 7 — an earlier model.

Leaked renders of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Leaked renders of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Here’s the official statement from Samsung:

First and foremost though, you might be curious as to why it’s called Galaxy Note7 instead of Galaxy Note6. There are a couple of reasons. First, the Galaxy Note7 will complement our Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, and unify our product portfolio. Second, the Galaxy Note7 will minimize confusion about the latest mobile technology from Samsung, and provide full alignment with Galaxy S smartphone.

Of all the rumours we brought you until now, this is the first confirmation from Samsung. It’s likely the name of the phone was the most controversial and even the most-talked about, so Samsung felt the need to address it before the official launch of the phone on August 2nd in New York City.

Note 7

We’re expecting a lot of great stuff from Note 7. All the rumours point to a 5.7-inch screen that will only come in an Edge variant, a la the Galaxy S7 Edge. It will have a 12MP camera at the back and 5MP in the front, will be water-resistant, will have an iris scanner on the front as an added security measure to unlock your phone and a massive 4,000mAh battery to keep it running well over a day.

Note7 leak

We’ll get you all the confirmed details on August 2nd once Samsung officially launches what seems to be our favourite smartphone of 2016.