S7 Edge Injustice: Samsung’s Batman phone


If there was ever a Batman fan who wondered how (s)he could truly combine their love for the Caped Crusader with the love of smartphones, Samsung has answered the call. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a great phone, but it has become truly awesome in the form of Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition.

samsung-batman-galaxy-s7-edge-edition-3.0 Injustice

The smartphone giant has created this beautiful package for every geek to forget they ever hated Samsung and accept the brand with open arms. It’s a pure black phone with some gold accents around it with a special Injustice theme to mask an otherwise boring default theme. As you open the massive box, you don’t see the phone first but an amazing gold-plated batarang. Underneath the batarang is not only the phone but also a very cool Batman-themed phone cover and a beautiful all-black Gear VR headset. The phone obviously comes preloaded with Injustice: Gods Among Us and some game credit.

samsung-batman-galaxy-s7-edge-edition-6.0 Injustice

We’re not sure why Samsung is promoting a game that’s three years old but I’m definitely not complaining at the beautiful hardware being sold here. There’re no indication on price yet, but we’re told the Injustice phone will be available around June. Keep your eyes peeled and your wallets locked away.