RTA installs smarter, safer cameras


You might have noticed the tall slender terminator-lookalike cameras installed by the RTA on major junctions in Dubai recently. Wondering what they’re capable of? Well, here’s a quick look at the camera and all its specs and features.

The camera is known as Mesta Fusion and is used for “driver behaviour monitoring and enforcement solutions”.

Mesta Fusion 5

The specs on the camera are as follows:

  • A 36 megapixel high-res camera to capture images clearly and precisely
  • 200m range with up to 8-lane tracking of multiple vehicles at the same time
  • Individual vehicle image capture capabilities
  • Advanced Tracking analysis
  • Number plate recognition
  • Video recording and online streaming capabilities
  • Real-time data transmission

Mesta Fusion 4

Now these specifications come in handy for the following features:

  • Speed monitoring by vehicle type, which means if a truck is supposed to be at 80km/h on Shaikh Zayed road and a car at 100km/h, it can automatically detect the vehicle type and capture violations accordingly.
  • The camera can detect tailgating based on a preset minimum distance between vehicles.
  • It can also detect vehicles overtaking on the wrong side.
  • Hard shoulder violations will be easily caught by the camera.
  • Even low-speed vehicles can be monitored on road where there is a minimum speed limit.
  • At signals and junctions, the camera can be programmed for yellow box management, red light crossing violations and illegal turns.
  • Thanks to auto number plate detection, the radar can scan cars for vehicles of interest and report them to the police as well as inform them if vehicles are entering restricted areas.

Mesta Fusion 3

For an in-depth look at the Mesta Fusion road safety monitoring camera, watch the video posted below.

The roads of the UAE sure will be safer thanks to these new radars. What do you think of these additions? Do comment below and let us know.



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