Review: PNY Riot O1 gaming mouse

A great first attempt from a brand known for making hard drives

Riot O1

The name PNY is usually associated with storage devices and custom peripherals that go inside your desktop or laptop. The American brand is known worldwide for its flash drives, SSDs, cables, chargers and other hardware. Of late, however, it’s been taking small steps into the world of high-end gaming. PNY makes custom Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 cards, and RAM builds, SSDs and now a gaming mouse. For a first effort, the the PNY Riot O1 is quite remarkable and even looks good. 

Form factor and design

This new entry is quite a looker. It flashes hues of bright red, black and gray, and glowing hot spots on the wheel and underside. The red is glossy against the black matte panel, which is adorned by a small PNY logo and XLR8 logo that lights up.

In hand, the Riot O1 feels comfortable to hold and use. It has a nice nook for your thumb to rest under the two side buttons, which lend extra functionality. The right side also feels comfy enough for the rest of your palm and keeps it balanced overall.

The mouse wheel lights up and is very responsive. The right and left buttons are quick to respond also and perform without issue. Just behind the wheel, there’s a button that helps you switch between three dpi modes. This is useful for quick panning and scrolling in a variety of games. The mode helps to switch from 250 to 4,000 dpi.


The Riot O1 was meant mostly for gaming and I’ve used it for that, but I’ve also used for more mundane day-to-day mundane tasks such as email, web browsing, video and others. It performed nicely under those conditions.

The mouse is very effective in whatever situation you put it in. Though it’s on the budget end of gaming “mice”, the Riot O1 performs on par with some of the others we’ve tested. It allows for quick spins, strafes and aiming in FPS games and quick scrolling and fast selections in RTS games. I tested the game with Watch Dogs 2, Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour and Team Fortress 2.

The two buttons on the side are remappable, and can be used any way you like. The software that comes with the mouse allows for a variety of functions that can be mapped onto those buttons. The app also allows you to customise the colour combinations of the lights below and on the mouse.

 Riot O1: Verdict

As mentioned earlier, the Riot O1 is a budget gaming mouse. It is also the first attempt by PNY at this kind of hardware. Considering this, it still behaved admirably in every way I expected. It is fast, accurate and does exactly what you need it to. Sure, maybe there was some lag here and there, but I’ll chalk that up to my skills in game as well. The mouse is comfortable to hold as well, and the lighting features are quite complimentary as well. The only downside to the mouse is the basic software that comes with it and the fact that the side buttons could be placed a little higher and be a tad bit softer than they are.

The PNY Riot O1 retails at Dh199 in stores around the UAE.