MSI’s VR-ready GE72VR Apache Pro: First Look

We live in a fantastic time of technological evolution. After blowing us away with its GTX 1000 Series GPUs, Nvidia announced a few months later that the PC GPUs will make their way to gaming laptops as well. This meant that for the first time laptops would be able to boast the same graphical standards as PCs thanks to the Pascal architecture. At the same time Nvidia announced that a handful of OEMs have their latest gaming laptop line-ups ready with the GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080. MSI was undoubtedly one of them and we got our hands on the sleek and powerful GE72VR Apache Pro.


I’ve had a long history with gaming laptops, much to the chagrin of my fellow gamers who treat me almost as lowly as they would console players. Over the years, gaming laptops have gotten smaller and less clunky with an improvement in capability. I’ve always enjoyed the freedom of gaming though I could never imagine using these beasts for anything else because the bulk was just not worth it.

I had the same mindset while unboxing MSI’s GE72VR Apache Pro, its GTX 1060 VR-ready model. Much to my surprise, the 17.3-inch-2.7kg laptop was sleeker and light as a VR-ready gaming laptop could be. For the first time, I used this laptop for work and play and haven’t regretted it.


Unboxing the Apache Pro was as fun as it could be unboxing a large gaming laptop. MSI took extra care to include a plastic and a cloth sleeve for the laptop along with a covering skin between the keyboard and the screen. It was kind enough to throw in a mouse for newbie gamers who may not have their own yet. What I got out of the box was a sleek 17.3-inch full HD screen with Intel’s 6th-gen i7 processor, the GTX 1060 with 6GB DDR5 RAM, 8GB*2 DDR 4 RAM, weighing in at 2.7kg. The laptop feels sturdy, has a great brushed aluminium design with a fully RGB backlit keyboard that randomly changes at the press of a button.

The performance has been eye-popping to say the least in the week I’ve been playing on it. The laptop doesn’t get as noisy as the previous ones I’ve used and the GTX 1060 lives up to the hype. Frame rates have been up to benchmarks and the cooling system is the best I’ve seen so far. I’ve got to put in a lot more hours before giving a full review, so stay tuned for the in-depth version.