Infiniti Q30: Interior Tech Review

Buying a car today involves much more than it did a few years ago. At one time it was all about the exterior, the car, its engine and so on. The interior was limited to its feel and quality but that was about it. Today, the interior of the car is a whole other world designed and tailored keeping the customers in mind.


Considering the amount of technology in todays cars, we at GNTECH thought we’d lend a helping hand in taking a deeper look at all these available features. So here’s the interior tech review of the all new Infiniti Q30.

Infiniti Q30


The Q30 is Infiniti’s entry into the luxury cross-over segment. The car is compact cross-over and packs enough power and space to be an decent city vehicle. For the purpose of this review, Arabian Automobiles was generous enough to provide us with the top-of-the-line Infiniti Q30s which is the 208bhp 2.0 litre sports edition of the vehicle and comes with most features you would expect from a car in this segment.

Interior Tech

Infiniti Q30 Steering Wheel

Let’s get the basics out of the way first. As soon you enter the car, you’ve got a plush leather interior with all the knobs and dials you would expect from a car in this segment. On a tech front, you’ve got two displays. One is the primary touchscreen while the other is the smaller display kept in-between the speedometer and tachometer on the car. Apart from that you’ve got  a 10 speaker BOSE audio system and 2 USB ports to connect smart devices.

Infinti In Touch


The Infiniti In Touch app is the company’s app to increase the drivers connectivity with social media, maps, emails and much more without having them look at their phones or other smart devices. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get a close look at the app since we could only get access to the ‘guest’ mode on the app.

While the app did initially feel ‘gimmicky’, I found myself using the integrated Google search as well as the calendar on more than a few occasions.

Infiniti Q30 Interior Main Display

Intelligent Cruise Control

We all know what cruise control is. The ‘intelligent’ part of the car is to understand the distance between itself and the car ahead. You can preset the distance  from 50 m or adjust it further based on your comfort.

Driving on Sheikh Zayed Road or Al Khail Road was a breeze. Set the speed and safe distance et voila, you’re on your way.

Intelligent Lane Management

The car knows when you move out of a lane, so if you’re drifting out of your lane for whatever reason, the steering vibrates to let you know of the movement. If you’ve indicated the intention to shift lanes, the vibration doesn’t happen.

We all know of incidents with drivers being distracted, causing themselves and others harm in many occasions. A small but smart feature like this can go a long way in such scenarios.

Auto-Park Assist

Infiniti Q30 Auto-Park
The car uses 12 sensors and the 360 degree camera to help you steer the car into your parking spot.

Now the Infiniti does offer auto-parking, the car does need accelerator and brake inputs from the driver. I did have trouble understanding how exactly the car finds an appropriate parking spot but once I figured it out, it was smooth sailing after that.

Infiniti Auto-Parking IndicatorA little indicator near the parking indicator on the secondary screen in front of you shows when the car has found a spot appropriate for parking. Once you’re in position the car asks you if you need Smart Assist, you say yes and put the car in reverse, the steering using its 12 sensors and 360 degree cameras to adjust itself into the spot.

We tried this a few times in a various amount of parking spots. Obviously the larger spots (as the one in the video) were easy for the car but the nice thing to see was it adjust even in tighter spots. That being said this is a partially automated system and couldn’t cope in one instance where the parking spot wax extremely small.

Infiniti Auto-Park Assist


Now none of these features are revolutionary or groundbreaking but the reason I enjoyed the car was how these features have been added to make your drive easier.

For example, something as simple as Blind Spot Indicators. Cars in all categories and segments have them now, but Infiniti, unlike most cars doesn’t have them on the mirrors. They have it on the inside of the car door itself, which makes all the difference in the world since now the driver isn’t looking to his side altogether.

On the overall, the Infiniti Q30s’ interior and tech enhance the consumer’s experience. For the full review of the car, don’t forget to check out