Review: Zowie by BenQ competitive mice

BenQ moves from monitors to mice

In terms of a gaming brand, BenQ has only really stood out for its monitors. A name like Zowie, on the other hand, is a tried-and-tested leader at e-sports tournaments. Combine the two and voila: You’ve got a collaboration that might just give you an edge over competitors.

Acquired by BenQ in December 2015, Zowie offers a range of peripherals designed to make competitive gaming more entertaining and exciting to watch and play.

We’ve currently got three of its gaming mice with us: the EC2-A, the FK1 and the ZA13. The three of them look like regular computer mice and you wouldn’t really be able to pick them out of a line-up. But that’s kind of the point that the brand is trying to make.

Size and feel

Form-wise, the three are nearly identical. They all look minimal and feel extremely ergonomic. The FK1 is the largest, while the EC2-A and the ZA13 are more equal in size.

They all feel comfortable to hold and use over long periods. The FK1 fits the best in my hand but the movement of the ZA13 was easier and smoother. The EC2-A was fine as well, but I preferred the raised profile of the ZA13.

For those of us who are left-handed, I’d recommend the FK1 and the ZA13, as these were designed for ambidextrous users. The EC2-A is only for right-handed users. Other than that, the build quality for these mice is quite good and they all feel nice and sturdy in hand.

Performance and use

The mice are all driverless, meaning that you can plug them and just go immediately. There isn’t any fancy software or colour customisation app to interfere with your experience. All three offer four dpi settings from 400 all the way to 3,200 dpi, meaning users can use them for all kinds of games, depending on need. As with the PNY O1, there are two side buttons as well, that can be remapped as per requirement.

I used all three the same way. A little bit of office use, gaming and browsing. They all perform similarly, the only noticeable difference being in the size and feel of each mouse in my hand.


Zowie has delivered an impressive line-up and these mice are one of a shining result. Other than the fact that they all work the same way, I’d suggest getting your hands on them to see which one fits best.

The EC2-A is designed with a right-handed ergonomic user in mind. The FK1 is the big fella, and is ambidextrous to boot, and is also my mouse of choice. The ZA13 is also ambidextrous but has a lower profile than the other two, making it nice to hold for users with smaller hands.

All three mice are retailing for Dh295 in UAE stores.