Reviewed: Sennheiser’s flagship PC 373D gaming headset

A comfortable fit, 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound and noise-cancelling microphone from a brand with a real headphones heritage


Sennheiser is an age-old brand for trusted audio accessories providing a range of options for all kinds of audiophiles. It was the first branded headphone I invested in and I used it for years until I needed something specific for gaming. I went with Razer at the time but today I can safely suggest gamers give Sennheiser’s PC 373D flagship gaming headphones a good look.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got my hands on this high-end gaming headset because I had no idea the brand took gaming so seriously. The headphones are sturdy and sport a sleek design, something I’ve always appreciated of Sennheiser. The headphones come with 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound to transport you right into any game you’re playing. The headset has comfortable velvet padding on each ear pad with an aluminium base that promises to keep your ears cool. Even after hours of play you won’t feel your skull crushing in or on fire – something I’ve had to deal with other brands in the past. A responsive volume control has been placed on the right ear cup.

The PC 373D’s velvet lining ensures a comfortable fit. It’s microphone does an excellent job cancelling out ambient noise

Sennheiser has built in a noise-cancelling microphone that definitely lives up to the claim. My house can get quite noisy during the evenings and the big earpieces definitely helped shut the clamour out while the microphone cancelled any ambient noise based on what my listeners had to say. The microphone goes into mute mode when raised to its default position, a very useful feature that every online gamer will appreciate.

The headphones connect to your PC through a sound dongle that allows you to switch between stereo and surround sound at the press of a button: a useful convenience when you’re using a single pair of headphone for all uses. The headphones also come with a software that you can use to calibrate the equalizer and play around with the settings to amplify your overall experience by tailoring the sound quality to your surroundings and even your games. It’s all a bit more fluff than your average gamer would require but I imagine there are people who slave over these settings to get the perfect sound.

Press a button to toggle Dolby Surround Sound

I used the headphones for more than just gaming. I barely took them off over the past couple of weeks. While at work I’m constantly listening to music and thanks to the comfort and sound quality, I take the 373D off only when I needed to. At home I would use them to watch Netflix and everything sounded more amazing in surround sound. When it came to playing games, I used it while playing Doom for that extra fear factor thanks to the surround sound. While playing Overwatch, my yelling was crystal clear thanks to the noise-cancelling microphone.

I’ve used a few gaming-centric headphones over the years and these have been the best thanks to Sennheiser’s brilliant engineering and their very impressive understanding of gamers’ needs.