Review: Razer Blackwidow X Chroma

blackwidow x chroma

For any average gamer, the name Razer is synonymous with high-end gaming mice, keyboards, audio devices and laptops with looks that kill. Therefore it came as no surprise that when we opened the box and saw the Blackwidow x Chroma, in its signature viper green and black housing, we stared in awe. Whether its the beautiful array of award-winning mechanical switches begging you to abuse them as you destroy your enemies, or the logo at the bottom assuring you this is the right keyboard for you, the Blackwidow X Chroma is a work of art.

razer blackwidow x chroma box

There might be plenty of other brands touting their mechanical keyboards these days, but none have felt as good or as substantial as the Chroma series. If that isn’t enough to change your mind, then just plug it in and watch as it lights up. Individually programmable back-lit keys with 16.8 million colour options shift and move along the keyboard, demanding that you use it. These colours can be easily customised using Razer Synapse, or you can use the preloaded sets of lighting effects.

razer blackwidow x chroma lifestyle-1


This beast of a keyboard is large, even by gaming keyboard standards, but it still feels amazing to use. The build quality, mix of plastics and the metal plate provides us with a glimpse of the lime green switches beneath each key. They resemble a row of shark teeth grinning menacingly at you. These switches are easy to remove and clean or replace, if necessary.

razer blackwidow x chroma lifestyle-4

After a week of use in gaming and at the office, it’s safe to say this isn’t a keyboard you’d rely on around people. While using it alone, it feels so smooth as your fingers fly across the keyboard. However, the click-clack of the mechanical keys isn’t to everyone’s tastes in a more public space. The noise is loud, but also reassures the user, telling us that the right keys are being hit, without fully pressing down on them. We tested the keyboard on a variety of titles, from Far Cry Primal and Battlefield 4 to GTA V, and even some hardcore Microsoft Excel work. Flawless was the only performance we received from the Blackwidow X Chroma. Even writing this review on the keyboard was wholly enjoyable, much to the chagrin of the people around me.

blackwidow x chroma redo-2

The Blackwidow x Chroma is a huge improvement on its predecessor, if not an evolution. Although we would like to see a detachable USB cable for this model, this keyboard does not make it inconvenient to use a wired USB connection. It definitely re-establishes the brand’s already impressive credentials in the peripherals market with confidence. This is by far one of the coolest keyboards we’ve had the chance to review and having it look the way it does, flashing its millions of pulsing colours, devious-looking mechanical keys and reassuring Razer logo, it’s very hard not to recommend it to anybody.


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