Review: Dyson Pure Cool


There are two types for shoppers in this world: The ones who are always on the prowl for their next bargain, and those who will pay any amount of money for a product of utmost superior quality and performance. If you’re part of the latter, you’re going to love what we’re about to discuss: the Dyson Pure Cool.

Dyson Pure Cool

Pure Cool (3)The fan

When someone says fan, the first thing you think of are blades and grills. Then you take a look at the Dyson Pure Cool tower and you feel something like an explosion in your mind.

The Dyson Pure Cool tower stands tall at 40 inches and weighs just under 4kg. Its most distinguishing feature is obviously that it has no blades or grills and just has a unique oval hole in its centre from where the airflow reaches at 414 l/s at its maximum speed.

The Pure Cool oscillates at a curved 80-degree angle, which according to me is more than enough for a few people in most seating arrangements or even just to cool the room down and provide some air circulation.

The purifier

Pure Cool (10)

The Dyson Pure Cool isn’t just a fan. Its also an air purifier. It comes with an easily changeable 360-degree HEPA filter able to remove 99.97% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns.

In a place like the UAE, where escaping the dust and minute pollutants is practically impossible, the Pure Cool provides a great way to guarantee that the air you breathe at home (if not anywhere else) is clean and filtered. Each filter will last approximately six months.

The remote

Pure Cool (11)Every aspect of the Pure Cool (5)Dyson Pure Cool is well thought out. In the box you receive a small remote. It has controls for oscillation, timer, speed and power of the fan.

One nifty feature of the remote is that it magnetically attaches to the top of the fan. So if you’re the type to easily misplace a remote, this feature would definitely be a plus for you.

The price

Now this is where things get… interesting. The Dyson Pure Cool is distributed and sold by Jumbo Electronics and retails at a Dh2,199. Yes. You read that right. This is fan that will cost a huge chunk of your salary. You may have already lost interest in this article and are about to get out and move on but just hold on a second. This is a patented, quality product that provides technology like no other.

Dyson Products (5)

The Pure Cool Link

If you’re think the Pure Cool is the top of the top, there also is a more superior version with all the above features, as well as a control system on your smartphone whereby you can receive stats on the condition of the air in your house. You can also adjust the temperature, wind speed and receive alerts regarding the filter in your device (for more features, refer to the video above). The app-enabled model is due for release in the UAE as well as Saudi Arabia in early 2017.

Pics - Adrian Sherratt - 07976 237651 Sir James Dyson pictured at his Malmesbury office (5 Feb 2014).
Sir James Dyson pictured at his Malmesbury office in 2014. Picture: Adrian Sherratt. 


The conclusion to this review is very simple. If money isn’t an issue and quality is of utmost importance, the Dyson Pure Cool is the best fan with an air purifier in the market. It provides superior functionality, looks fantastic and definitely will last for some years.

What do you think? Is all this worth the money? Do let us know. Also click here and check out our exclusive interview with the man behind the fan, Sir James Dyson.