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As mentioned in my first look at the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 wireless noise-cancellation headphones, this was a move everyone had been waiting for some time. The Bose QC35 is almost identical to its QC25 predecessor except for a few outer cosmetic changes.

Bose QC35


Body and build

The first thing you notice when you open the box is how beautiful these headphones are. They have sleek edges, precise cuts and a genuinely comfortable feel to them. The QC35 is made from Alcantara and metal, giving it a luxurious feel as you wear the device. The ear cushions are manufactured from a synthetic protein leather and contain a silicone bead for passive noise reduction. The set is lightweight and made of glass-filled nylon, which provides durability. I can definitely agree with this since the device is light but doesn’t feel even remotely delicate.

Controls on the device are on the right ear piece. You have volume rockers and a multi-functional button to fast forward, rewind or skip through your playlist.

Whether in the office or walking on the road, the QC35 was extremely comfortable on my head. I never felt the headphones wobble, nor did they feel heavy on my head. One small issue I did face was with the synthetic leather. In this extreme heat the leather and headphones themselves did get pretty hot if exposed to the sun for prolonged periods. I guess the device can’t really be blamed for the fact that we live in a place that is an oven during the summer months of the year.

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As you put the headphones on there is one thing you immediately notice: silence. The second I put the QC35 on it felt like going underwater, thanks to the silence around me. As you connect to your device and turn the music on, it’s exactly as expected. Clear sound that copes perfectly well with different levels of music. The bass might be a bit heavy for some people but if you listen to EDM, rock or anything currently commercial, you’re going to love these. Noise cancellation is on point while listening to music, but to my surprise it was great even on a call.

If you’re a person who is sensitive to changes in ear pressure, these headphones may take a bit of getting used to. During my first few days of use, I had to take a short break every few songs because I needed to adjust to the aforementioned underwater feeling. Apart from that, these headphones are nothing but a pleasure to listen to. Sennheiser, one of Bose’s competitors, does have sound quality absolutely mastered in the wireless noise cancellation segment, but that doesn’t change the fact that the QC35 is a exceptional product when it comes to music coming out of them.


You can connect to these Bose headphones through Bluetooth and NFC. There is a Bose Connect app for managing all the devices connected to your headphones. It is available on the Apple iOS App Store as well as the Google Android Play store. 

Connecting to the QC35 is very easy. Except for going through NFC my first time, I always used Bluetooth to connect to it. The headphones also come with a cable in case you’re running out of juice. This is great for flights since firstly, they come with a dual 3.5mm head connector for airplanes as well as many airlines don’t allow you to use Bluetooth.

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Battery life

I was expecting a major difference between wired and wireless usage and there was, but not to the extent I had imagined. Bose claims 20 hours of wireless usage and 40 hours of wired usage on a single charge. The QC35, unlike the QC25, now has a non user-replaceable, rechargeable battery.

Battery life on the headphones was phenomenal. On average I got 21 hours of wireless use. Unfortunately, I don’t have accurate numbers on the wired use since I barely needed to use them with cables. From zero to full charge takes a little over two hours with the included microUSB wire.

The Bose Connect has an auto power-off feature to save battery when you aren’t using the device for a prolonged period, which is great.


When you’re buying a genuinely premium product and you see a price tag of Dh1,449, it definitely gives you that little itch to reach for your wallet. But are the Bose QC35 headphones worth that much?

The Bose QC35 headphones are definitely a worthy purchase and will give you the utmost satisfaction if premium sound quality, great feel and long battery life are all things you’re looking for. The headphones are available in black and silver. The device comes with a travel case, charger, proprietary wired cable and a dual 3.5mm headphone connector for airplanes. Quite the package right? What do you think: is all this worth your money? Let us know below.

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