This retro iPhone 7 Plus is nostalgia overload

It's also price overload

retro iPhone 7
The iPhone 7 Retro Edition: An aesthetic to make fans drool

You might not have heard of Minnesotan electronics customisation brand Colorware, but its latest product has thrust the company into the limelight: a retro iPhone 7 Plus. The device harks back to the mid-1980s, when Steve Jobs presented the first Macintosh computer. 

Snow white design language 

With its off white-tone and dark beige edge stripes, the retro iPhone 7 Plus resurrects industrial designer Hartmut Esslinger’s snow white design language. The modern white Apple logo is thrown out in favour of the old-school multicoloured rainbow logo.

Classic Mac
Classic Macintosh

However, there’s a couple of flies in this Eighties ointment. The device retails for $1,899 (Dh6,975). But more importantly (for the most discerning Apple collectors) the device is listed as sold out on the Colorware website.

With the speed at which the first 25 units sold out, we’re sure the website will release another batch soon enough. 

Why people eat this stuff up

We shouldn’t be too surprised at the hefty price, though. Nostalgic fans of this brand are more than willing to pay a pretty penny. They even shell out $300 for what’s essentially a nicely printed brochure of the company’s former products.

Perhaps what’s most appealing about the retro iPhone 7 is what it represents. The device’s aesthetic takes us back to a more innocent age. A time when Apple successfully styled itself as the brand that defiantly hurled a hammer at the face of oppression. An era where the Cupertino company was part of the Rebellion, not the Empire. When owning an Apple product was seen as being edgy and ahead of the curve rather than holding a symbol of wealth or status