Razer Seiran Mini Review: The budget microphone to get


In a world where online content creation is of utmost importance, the first improvement a creator can make is with audio. Whether it is for a podcast, a livestream or YouTube videos, an improvement in audio can make a significant difference in the end product. This is where the Razer Seiran Mini slots in. It is condenser microphone that offers studio quality in a portable form factor for as low as Dh219.

Out of the box

Packaged with the microphone, you find all of the accessories to get started. There is a base for the stand, the link, the microphone itself and a generous braided Type-A USB to micro-USB cable. The whole setup is extremely portable and lightweight, with a great aesthetic too.

The microphone screws onto the base and link

One of the biggest reasons why the microphone is so easy to setup is because of its plug and play nature. You simply connect it to your computer to begin using it. The way it connects allows the microphone to be adjusted at a 360-degree angle. But there is no more flexibility to it aside from that. Moreover, the microphone may feel a bit short on a desk. Due to its size, it may not reach your mouth. And connecting it to boom arm could pose a slight connectivity issue.

This wired end could be better designed by Razer

The way Razer has designed the micro-USB end of the cable means it completes the microphone’s body when plugged in. But this is so difficult to constantly plug in and remove. Furthermore, it restricts any bending in that region which means if you are looking to setup a tight boom arm setup, things could get a bit challenging.

Audio performance

Aside from those specific problems, the general consumer should not face any issue with the Razer Seiran Mini. It rests fairly well on a surface and avoids unnecessary sliding. Best of all, the microphone sounds great without any extra accessories such as a pop filter. Something you do have to keep in mind though is the that microphone does not provide any gain settings for you to adjust.

Audio quality from the Razer Seiran Mini is really good

The video review of this microphone has been fully recorded via the Seiran Mini. With a few post-production edits, it can sound fantastic. For someone wanting to use it in a quiet room, it does well to isolate background noise. However, if there is something running in the background such as a fan, its noise will be picked up by the microphone. For a more relatable explanation, we definitely recommend you check out the sound samples in the video for yourself.


Not only is this microphone great for content creation but it also is a worthy investment to take your audio quality in Zoom calls up a notch. While many professional solutions require up front investment, Razer allows you to do the same at a fraction of the cost. In light of this, the Razer Seiran Mini is definitely a worthy piece of kit that ticks all the boxes.


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