Razer Naga Pro: First look and impressions!


The Razer Naga Pro is a high-end modular gaming mouse, suitable for MOBA, Battle Royale and FPS gaming enthusiasts. Featuring advancements with its Focus+ Optical Sensor and Optical Mouse switches, it delivers a revamped experience.

Setup and connectivity

With the Naga Pro, you have multiple ways to connect to your PC or laptop. The conventional wired method uses a Type-A to micro-USB cable bundled in the box. But aside from that, you can either connect the mouse using its USB adapter or via Bluetooth wirelessly.

For left-handed users, this may not be the ideal choice

Of course, you have to tell the mouse which wireless method you prefer by toggling it at the bottom. But over this short time we have had the mouse, using it via Bluetooth has been the most convenient. By simultaneously pressing the DPI keys and the scroll wheel, you can put the mouse in pairing mode. From there, you can easily connect to it via your machine’s Bluetooth options.

Removable side-plates

At its core, the Naga Pro’s biggest selling point is that it can be tailored to suit any gaming experience. With its removable side-plates, you can make it a MOBA or an FPS focused mouse, with a new 6-button configuration also available for Battle Royale titles. This kind of swapping is possible on the mouse thanks to the magnets it comes with. They are strong and so far, the process has worked well with no instances of accidental removals when gaming.

Allowing for quickly changing side-plates makes the Naga Pro extremely useful

Razer has also gone an extra step here, allowing for space within the mouse to store the USB adapter. Given this, you can easily carry this mouse around for a portable gaming setup. The mouse’s on-board memory not only gives you access to five different profiles but its operation on any surface is great thanks to its rubber feet, re-emphasizing the idea of portability. It uses a feature called Smart Tracking which automatically calibrates lift-off distance and accuracy, something that otherwise would have to be manually calibrated by the user for each surface .

Long term usage and productivity

While we have not used the Naga Pro for long, its comfort especially with the 12-key MOBA setup is slightly below par. So for the most part, using it with either the 6-key or 2-key plate is a better call. But for people used to having that many buttons on the side, the experience may be different.

With the 12-key configuration, the Naga Pro can get a bit uncomfortable to use

Furthermore, the mouse gives you access to a host of customization options using Razer’s Synapse. You can not only tune RGB lighting but customize DPI settings up to 20,000 and configure what each button does. This is obviously helpful when it comes to gaming but can also further help with productivity in applications where you might want to bind a macro to a certain key. We will focus specifically on this and gaming performance in our full review.

Pricing and availability

The Razer Naga Pro will be available for $149.99 (Dh550.91) from Razer.com and authorized resellers starting September 3. We will update you as we hear more on local pricing and availability.


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