Razer Naga Hex v2: Review

Razer Naga v2

Every PC gamer over the past decade has at some point looked to Razer and thought: There’s just no one else that makes things to exactly what I need. Be it hardcore MMO grinders, FPS blasters and even casual gamers who just want something pretty sitting on their desk. The original Razer Naga was a godsend for MMO players and noticing the rise of MOBAs such as League of Legends, Razer launched the first-generation Naga Hex in 2012 with a hexagonal button placement at the thumb rest consisting of six numbered, fully customisable buttons.

Naga v2
The Naga’s logo light can be customed in the same way as other Razer accessories can

We’ve been playing with the Naga Hex V2, the updated version for the new generation of MOBAs. The hexagonal grid of six buttons has been replaced with a radial grid of seven, but still keeps the name Hex because Hept just sounds odd.

Aesthetics and functionality

The button wheel has seven customisable buttons

The mouse has a large, thick body to accommodate the number pad on the left. It’s set around a padded thumb rest with the numbers 1-7 in an order that looks fine but may not work when you’re playing, if this is your first Naga. The buttons may look overwhelming at first but become natural quickly enough. Apart from the additional buttons, you have Razer’s ultra smooth and sensitive left and right click buttons along with a padded lit-up mouse wheel that’s always fluid and acts as a button along with the two buttons underneath the wheel that act as a sensitivity changer by default. The mouse wheel can also be pushed to the left or the right as well.

Naga v2

On the aesthetics we have a fully curved body with the beautifully lit Razer logo on the palm rest, the mouse wheel is lit-up from either side and the thumb rest and buttons on the right side share the same mode. There’s a nice curved resting spot for your ring finger on the right side of the mouse, which then straightens all the way down to its base. The entire mouse is covered in matte black apart from the thumb rest on the right and the top of the mouse wheel. The backlighting can be set to a variety of colours and combinations through the Razer Synapse software that opens up the mouse to a world of customisation. The DPI on the latest Naga Hex goes up to 16,000 which you’ll find more than adequate for its intended user base.

In-game reality


If you spend 80 per cent or more of your gaming time in MOBAs, this is the mouse for you. Adapting to any other game using the numbered thumb pad can be annoying and could force you to give it up entirely. Unless of course you’re comfortable using the mouse buttons as well as the keyboard buttons, which can get a little haphazard but everyone has their own playing style. In any case, this mouse was designed for one very specific purpose that it does well and you would rather not force it into any other gaming bracket.


After a few hours of play, you’ll get the hang of the button layout and find it comes very naturally to you without even a single miss-press at even the most intense moments in-game. MOBAs have a lot less skill buttons that you require constantly and so seven easily do the trick alongside the main buttons. Through Synapse, you can allocate a command even when you hold down any button, effectively doubling the buttons you have at your disposal. This can get a bit much though, so it’s good if you need to stretch a 10-button requirement to 12 or 15.


This wasn’t my first Naga mouse so I’ve had experience playing a variety of MMOs with the original Naga that was understandably daunting at first, but once you get used to the fact that your right hand can do all the work except for physically moving your character, casual and PvP gaming becomes a breeze. I began playing Smite a few years ago and felt the Naga Hex would have been a handy accessory but the first version wasn’t easily available. Oddly enough, Razer claimed to have released the V2 because a lot of gamers such as myself wanted an updated version or couldn’t find the original too easily in the wild. I was glad they did because for every MOBA I played to test this bad boy, I felt like it added so much more to my experience and efficiency.