Razer Nabu Watch: Review

Razer makes a smart watch. For Real.

Razer Nabu Watch
Razr Nabu Smartwatch

This is not a laptop or a desktop. This is not a mouse either. Nor is it a keyboard or even a pair of headphones. This device is not even related to gaming in any way as has come to be expected with the name Razer – which has quite a successful track record in gaming machines and peripherals.

This device is, in their words is, “The ultimate expression of a wrist-worn wearable that is For Gamers. By Gamers.”

That’s about as close to gaming as it gets.

Let’s not get it wrong. This isn’t a smart watch. It’s a watch with a few smart features thrown into it. At first glance, it looks like a G-Shock, but on closer look, it appears to resemble a G-Shock that can sync notifications with your smartphone and monitor basic fitness measurements like steps, distance travelled and calories. It’s also water resistant but not waterproof considering it’s a fitness tracker.

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The watch is coloured in Razers traditional Black and Neon Green highlights and comes with two screens. One regular low-power, low-light panel that displays the time, alarms, stopwatch, timer and dual-time zone. The other is a strip OLED that displays the notifications from your phone and the other health related readings.

The main watch screen has a regular coin battery that lasts up to 12 months, while the OLED panel will run for up to 7 days on its lithium polymer battery after a single charge.

There are 4 outlying buttons that allow the use to scroll through the different modes in the watch, make adjustments, set the time and alarm and a light button. There is a fifth singular button, placed below the notification panel, that lets you cycle through the notifications from your smartphone and the various fitness metrics.

Overall, there isn’t any denying the fact that this watch is huge for most wrists.

It has been styled by people of specific tastes for people with those same specific tastes.

Even though it is a large device, it feels pretty comfortable and sits snugly on the wrist. Again, this isn’t for everyone. The watch would have even appealed more to its large gaming clan if it offered stats or scores from games that its user was playing. Maybe that’s in the future. Maybe its not. Razer, we hope you guys are reading this.

While this looks like an experiment that the Razer boffins churned out during their off-time, it would be wise for them to stick to what they know and do best.


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