Razer Mamba: Review


There are few brands out there I love as much as Razer and, so far as brands that make gaming hardware go, it’s right at the top on my list. The first Mamba was my trustiest mouse and the latest version will take your gaming requirements to the next level while looking fantastic, because that’s just what Razer does. Here’s our comprehensive review of the Razer Mamba.


Mamba2Unboxing a Razer product is a uniquely gratifying experience. The amount of thought that goes into the packaging I have yet to see another brand pull off (maybe Apple). The matte black mouse comes with a handy charging dock, a microUSB cable going into the dock and a USB connector for the computer. It also doubles as the wireless receiver. You can also connect the same cable to the mouse and your computer. Once connected, the Mamba comes to life with colour-changing strips of LED lights on either side as well as around the scroll wheel. The lights are customisable to 16.8 million possible colors with an unlimited array of patterns and effects to choose from. Alternatively, you can just let it flow in a default mode that makes it stand out on any desk.


Mamba3The Mamba weighs in at 122g with a standard mouse shape and size. It’s made primarily for right-handed use, though, as the palm rest slopes down towards the right of the mouse, which would feel less natural for lefties. Both sides of the mouse have a rubber grip with two buttons on the thumb side. Just under the wheel, you’ve got two vertical buttons to easily adjust sensitivity or anything else thanks to Razer’s virtually unlimited customisation options. The Mamba’s sensors pack in a sensitivity of up to 16,000dpi, the highest in its class.


Mamba4There are a total of ten customisable buttons available. You’ve got the two thumb buttons, the right and left click buttons, two buttons below the scroll wheel and five on the wheel itself. Aside from the usual up, down and click of the scroll wheel, you can push it to the right or to the left as well. The default setting helps scroll up or down through web pages but you can use it for anything you need.

Click Force Technology

The latest Razer Mamba has one defining feature: the brilliant Click Force technology. The company has built in a customisable mechanism that controls the feedback of the left and right click buttons. This essentially means you can change the sensitivity of each button and choose exactly how hard or soft you want each of the button’s click to be. This is where Razer’s ingenious gamer-focused design comes into play. In the box, you find a small metal key that can be inserted into two holes under each click button at the bottom of the mouse. You’ll see plus and minus signs on either side, indicating how hard or soft you want the clicks to be. There are 14 sensitivity levels to choose from for each button.

Mamba5All the possible customisations can be done through Razer’s Synapse software, which mimics its hardware in ease of use. There’s even a how-to guide for users who haven’t used the software before and it’s all perfectly simple to set up and play around with.


Mamba1The Mamba has been an absolute treat to use. I’ve used it for work as well as play and now can’t imagine anything else under my hand when I’m in front of a computer. The Click Force technology is way more than a novelty addition from Razer. When I was playing Star Wars Battlefront, I was able to adjust the fire button for a looser setting so I could easily spray down enemies. And while in a dog fight, I tightened it up so I could better control my shots. It opens up a new field of possibilities in all forms of game play where gamers can be more specific to how they play. At about Dh379, the device is certainly more expensive than the average mouse, but with the Razer Mamba you really don’t need to think twice.


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