Razer acquires audio certification brand THX

That booming sound you used to hear prior to the show at a cinema? The company behind it has just been purchased by Razer, which is best known for gaming peripherals


THX is a brand name immediately recognised by lovers of film and frequent cinemagoers thanks to its creation of an audio standard for movies playing in cinemas. Razer has now acquired THX, a company founded by George Lucas in 1983, just before Return of the Jedi released. THX established one of the first initiatives to certify a baseline level of audio performance across movie theatres. Everyone will immediately recognise its signature sound that plays before movies, called the Deep Note. Seasoned gamers will also be familiar with this sound that used to play before many of latest-generation video games.

Though the THX name rings more true with an older generation, the work its doing has the potential to reach new heights under a company such as Razer, which is renowned in the world of gaming peripherals and accessories for creating beautiful and practical hardware that gamers love. Razer claims it will maintain all current staff and allow THX to run as an independent organisation. We’re not sure how much this acquisition cost Razer, but we do know its plan. THX wants to expand its approval stamp to headphones, augmented reality and virtual reality, so we can expect to see all of Razer’s audio wares along with its laptops as THX-certified.