Why a QLED TV should be your first choice this DSF


In the world of audio-visual products, TVs have long been the most important part of entertainment for consumers. A television is your escape into another world, your source of news, the home of your favourite team and definitely a favourite past-time for most people.

The past few years have seen great advancements in TVs. One of the advancements that have distinctly stood out, are Samsung’s QLED TVs, which were launched at CES 2017 and are an upgrade to their quantum dot SUHD TVs.

If you’re in the market for a new television, a Samsung QLED should definitely be one of your top choices. Here are some reasons why.

They come with Samsung’s unique Quantum Dot Technology

So first and foremost why are these unique? Imagine tiny little particles which in conjunction with other materials produce colour according to their size. A Quantum dot can be anything between two and ten nanometers and is lit by the TV’s backlight, which in the case of Samsung TVs doesn’t just project in one direction (like most backlit TVs) but can now fire light in different angles.

A home for your favourite movie, TV show or sport in amazing 4K picture quality

Thanks to the Quantum dots (and their prowess in colour reproduction and brightness), QLED TVs are capable of producing 1 billion colours and 1,500 nits of brightness on its HDR2000 enabled display. The TVs also provide 100% colour volume thanks to the fact that they can also provide 1 billion colours for your viewing pleasure.

The number 2000 in HDR2000 (which in fact very close to what you see because of natural light) represents the amount light that the TV can project. While this is spectacular for the light in dark scenes, what happens to contrast? To work on that, Samsung introduced Ultra Black. This is their technology to reduce light reflecting off their screens. No more reflections or the sofa or yourself on the display as you’re watching your favourtie show.

While speaking of reflections, another thing that comes to mind is viewing angles. Most TVs have a ‘sweet spot’ from where everything on the TV is visible clearly. With Samsung QLEDs you can view the TV from any angle and with minimal distortion.

On Samsung QLED TVs, picture quality doesn’t get affected by screen burn-in. What is Screen Burn-in? Have you ever noticed that after long hours of watching TV, a particular logo like that of the channel, is visible even after you change the channel? This is screen burn-in. This is an issue primarily seen on traditional LCDs as well as modern OLED displays. No need to worry about this on your new QLED since they come with Lifetime Screen Burn-in warranty.

A TV that is designed to accentuate your home

Samsung QLED TVs are not only built to be functional but to be beautiful as well. The design teams at Samsung have seen to it that a QLED TV is beautiful to look at even when it isn’t switched on.

The TV comes with various options to place it in your house, the most appealing of which is the nano-gap wall mount. Thanks to a redesign back of the TV as well as its mount, the TV shows no gap while it is on the wall.

Wondering where all your cables go? Well Samsung has thought of that too, with their Invisible connection Instead of all your cables going into the TV, just one optical connects the TV to the One Connect box which is where you connect all your external inputs. Thanks to this setup, you can have an absolute clean and clutter less TV area.

The panel itself is gorgeous thanks to Samsung’s practically bezel-less design. Thanks to the lack of cables, even the back of the TV is absolutely flawless and clean.

Multiple remotes? What is that?

Alright, we’ve got the wires taken care off. Where’s the next clutter? Oh! All those remotes. Samsung has thought of this too. With your QLED TVs you get the One Remote.

The One Remote is an all-in-one universal remote for all your connected devices like your audio system or your gaming console.

Another great feature is the Samsung Quick Connect feature. Mirroring from your phone to a TV is very common, but on QLEDs you can mirror from your LIVE TV to your phone. So if you need to run to the kitchen or need to get something from bedroom, but don’t want to miss the game? Use the Samsung Quick Connect.

If you’re walking into a store looking for the primary source of your media anytime soon, why not check out one of the best in the business. A gorgeous series of dynamic TVs in all price categories. This DSF, go check out the new Samsung QLED TV.        


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