PS4 Slim unboxing leaked before official announcement


Last week, we saw a few leaked images of the brand-new PS4 Slim that is due to be announced in an exclusive Sony event on September 7. Despite its reiterations that the device isn’t ready, we now have an unboxing video showing us what it looks like in detail and even how it looks while it’s on. Thanks go out to Laura Dale over at

We can see from the video that the PS4 Slim is just as advertised — a smaller, sleeker matte-covered version. It measures 264x39x288mm compared to the original PS4’s 275x53x305mm. Performance wise, it works just about the same way the current model does. However, it is claimed to be cooler and quieter than its predecessor. No fancy upscaling, 4K support and other hidden tricks.

To reiterate, this is not the PS4 Neo. Just a diet-sized version of the current console. A new thing that does come with this model is a slightly improved controller. As can be seen from the video, the new controller can transfer data via USB cable to the console. This controller is also backwards compatible, so no worries there.

The biggest difference other than the size is the new plastic-covered port in the back, which allows easy access to the SATA hard drive. One screw and screwdriver later, you could have a new drive up and running. The USB ports on the system are also spread apart on the front and the power and eject buttons sit inside near the front of the unit.

As mentioned earlier, the PS4 Slim’s official announcement is set to happen on September 7. Keep an ear out for news on the PS4 Neo as well.