Leaked PS4 Slim consoles originated from the UAE: report


Rumours of Sony’s PS4 Slim were followed heavily by leaked images and videos of the console itself. According to MCV, these leaked consoles originated from a distribution centre right here in the United Arab Emirates.

In the latest issue of the magazine, MCV stated that the PS4 Slim “came from the UAE, which was holding units of the updated hardware reveal ahead of its expected reveal next week.” Apparently a small, undefined quantity of units made its way to the UK and ended up being  “distributed amongst indie stores and eBay sellers”.

The console appeared on Gumtree almost two weeks ago at a price of £225 (Dh1099).

Sony is expected to “reveal” the PS4 Slim and a more powerful PS4 Neo next week. (One of our colleagues is hanging with the boys from Sony at this year’s IFA in Berlin, and we’re waiting for a statement.)

But this is not the first time such leaks have emerged from the UAE. At the beginning of the year, both the Samsung S7 Edge and LG G5 were leaked on local website Dubizzle before their respective releases in the region. At least those had been announced and fanboys already knew they were coming. Oh well, chalk up another (rather dubious) first for us UAE residents!

Here’s one of the leaked video of the PS4 Slim console.



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