Project Scorpio Will Be Microsoft’s 4K and VR-ready Console


The second and juicier Xbox news come in the form of Project Scorpio. We’ve been hearing murmurs about this for a few days now leading up to E3 and now we know a bit more. This major update will be coming in the Fall of 2017. It will be able to run games that were made for 4K resolution and will support virtual reality experiences with a formidable six teraflops of processing power. “When it ships it will be the most powerful console ever built” touts Xbox Chief Phil Spencer. Even though the launch date is over a year away and we are yet to see what Sony has up its sleeves for the PlayStation 4 refresh, Microsoft had quite an air of confidence when talking about Project Scorpio.


With 4K gaming and VR’s popularity on the PC platform, Microsoft wanted to build something that could bring gamers the same experiences on a console. Not a full refresh, Project Scorpio is a refresh of the Xbox One – that basically means there will be full compatibility across the range of Xbox Ones. The current Xbox One, the coming soon Xbox One S and the eventual Project Scorpio will all be able to share the same library of games with each user having a different experience based on the game they are playing. Thanks to the more powerful hardware on Project Scorpio, games created for it will feature improvements such as higher and more consistent frame rates running at 1080p. A lot of games fluctuate their resolutions to maintain frame rate but that won’t happen on Project Scorpio.

Earlier rumors suggested Microsoft was working with Oculus on a VR headset but that’s not the case any more. Microsoft says they are working on something that will be a simple plug and play but we have no idea if they’re doing it themselves now or through someone else. Microsoft also admits to how crazy it is to announce a console this early while still using its codename and no design reveals. It is obviously a response to PlayStation VR and the incoming PlayStation 4 refresh but also “to be more transparent with consumers” claims Xbox Chief Phil Spencer, in an interview with The Verge.


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