Project Ariana: Razer’s light-bending projector

How bad do you want it?


Projectors are cool for watching movies and playing games when you’ve got access to a nice big wall. Razer knows this and, in classic Razer fashion, has teased Project Ariana at CES 2017. Razer’s Chroma is a full spectrum lighting system that gives magical lighting to its beautifully designed gaming accessories and computers.

Project Ariana is a sleek Chroma projector that uses a fisheye lens to broadcast real-time video of your game. The experience looks beyond immersive as your game can take up an entire wall making it your screen. Your living room suddenly parallels a movie theatre where you’re in control of what’s going on. This projector comes with a pair of 3D depth-sensing cameras that automatically detect the surroundings of its broadcast and adjust accordingly. The projected light will actually bend around objects, creating an illusion of a flat image around a chair or sofa.

Project Ariana

Game immersion aside, this will also function as a regular 4K projector that Razer claims will be superior in its class thanks to the depth-sensing cameras. It’s still a prototype so we’ve got no details on price or release date yet, but Razer hopes to have it out by end of year. Plenty of time to begin saving up for this bad boy.

The 16.8 million-colour Chroma platform will also be finding its way on to third-party platforms. In the coming months you can expect to see manufacturers such as Lenovo, NZXT, Antec, Wicked Lasers, Philips Hue and Nanoleaf. We already know that Lenovo will be integrating Chroma into its desktop chassis. Philips is working on typing the API module to its Hue bulbs that will react to colour changes on your screen.


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