Pokémon Go is the biggest gaming app in US history


Sick of all the Pokémon Go news and hoping it’ll die down soon enough like all crazy internet fads? Sorry folks, it doesn’t seem likely. In less than a week Pokémon Go added $9 billion (Dh33 billion) to Nintendo’s valuation and has become the most used app ever. Pokémon Go has been breaking all kinds of records since its launch and has clocked 21 million daily active users (DAUs) in the United States, beating Candy Crush Saga’s record of 20 million recorded in 2013. SurveyMonkey came up with the data and pegs Pokémon Go as the biggest mobile game in the history of the United States. It has already soared past Tinder’s and Twitter’s DAU volumes and this data is only for the United States.


Pokémon Go is officially available in only a handful of countries including the United States and Japan (obviously) and started its European roll-out recently with Germany. The game is playable all over the world unofficially and we can’t wait to see the global data once the steady roll-out is complete. Niantic, the game’s publisher is taking it slow in order to cope with the exceptional volume of players. We already see server outages in the night.

It took Pokémon Go just 3 days to attract more users than Tinder and Twitter in the United States, rising to the top of the App Store revenue charts, making Niantic, the app’s publisher, millions of dollars a day!