PokeMatch – Tinder meets Pokémon


Come on, don’t act surprised with this bit of news. We all saw this coming!

Personally, I’ve never met as many people as I have through Pokémon Go compared to anything tech-related ever! PokeMatch is a social app for Pokémon trainers who are also looking to meet new people with similar… let’s say… Poké interests.


The app is available on Android and iOS and its pretty simple to use. Below are a few screenshots from the app.

If you’re a cynic when it comes to Pokémon, don’t read ahead.

All said and done, Pokémon Go is a positive and motivating force in our world today. People are interacting more, moving around more and are straight-up happy because of this game. So it only seems fair that there be a proper medium like PokeMatch to meet people through Pokémon, whether to date or just to make new friends.

What do you think? A great idea or just another company trying to share some of Pokémon Go’s glory?




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