Latest Poke-update brings Pokemon Appraisal .. Meh

Pokemon Go Appraisal update

Pokemon Go gets updated to version 0.35.0 on Google Android and 1.5 on Apple iOS today.


Appraisal update

The Pokemon Appraisal system has been designed to help trainers understand which Pokemon to battle in what gym depending on the type of Pokemon guarding the gym.

Once you’ve got the update, go to your Pokedex and tap the Appraise button. Your team leader will show up and give you the low-down on the Pokemon. Refer to the screenshots below.

Screenshot_20160824-101128Screenshot_20160824-101016 Screenshot_20160824-101102

Pokemon Go on a decline

There’s no denying Pokemon Go has on a rapid decline as far it comes to users. Let’s be honest, its gotten boring. There were many features, such as inter-Pokemon trading or Poke-battles with other players that were much talked-about but never materialised.


Pokemon Go definitely deserves a lot of credit for bringing the world’s eyes to gaming with augmented reality but Niantic needs to step up if it wants to continue the success it’s seen.