First Look: PlayStation VR and RIGS Mechanized Combat League

rigs mechanized combat league
PlayStation VR Headset

A few of us were lucky enough to get a chance to try the PlayStation VR at the Middle East Film and Comic Con 2016. For those of you who aren’t aware, the PSVR is Sony’s entry into the VR world, focusing mainly on the gaming aspect of the technology. And it begins with RIGS Mechanized Combat League.

Formerly codenamed Project Morpheus, the PlayStation VR is slated for release in October 2016. Pre-orders have already opened. As the site says, “Players can now step beyond the screen and climb into the game.”

During the trial, I was made to sit in a glass cubicle like a human lab rat and equipped with the PSVR headset, and given a regular DualShock controller to use. The PlayStation Move joysticks were provided for the other trial.

For my trial, I got to play RIGS. The title sold me way before the opening credits.

RIGS: The Mechanized Combat League

As the name suggests, RIGS lets you take control of giant robots with varied shapes, weapons and abilities. Imagine playing basketball with mechanised versions of Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant and others that shoot each other with humongous guns and missiles, not to mention explosive close-quarter melee attacks.

For the demo, only one RIG and arena were available to use. In the final version, look out for the Dubai Arena as well. The main objective of the game is to cooperate with your team, take out the opposition and score a goal. Scoring a goal involves you (as the RIG) dunking yourself through the hoop like a giant mechanised awkward basketball. The RIG can only go through the hoop once it collects enough orbs to fill the Power Meter. These are obtained by eviscerating the enemy with your varied arsenal. RIGs are equipped with three main modes to choose from, each serving purposes from healing yourself, running faster or boosting your powers.

Different RIGs

Primarily, RIGS is all out competitive sports more than a shooter and from the brief test I had, it was tons of fun. The feeling of moving around in a giant robot itself is thrilling, but chasing the enemy and scoring points is entirely another sense of euphoria.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League launches exclusively with the PlayStation VR in October 2016. Keep a look out for this one if you love competitive gaming and giant robots. It’s really hard not to.

Anirudh checked out the PSVR at this year’s MEFCC 2016


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