PlayStation 4 Slim confirmed with image leaks

PlayStation 4 Slim likely 2nd console to be announced at Sony's September 7 event

PlayStation 4 Slim

Images of what appears to be a slimmer version of the PlayStation 4 have leaked online only a couple of weeks before Sony’s September 7 launch event where we’ll get to see and learn more about the PlayStation Neo and possibly the PS4 Slim as well. The leak surfaced on an online auction store Gumtree. The listing has been taken down but it has followed a variety of other leaks including a boot-up video from Eurogamer that was also taken down citing “legal reasons”. A host of new images comparing the PlayStation 4 Slim to the white PS4 were also posted on PushSquare courtesy of Twitter user @Shortmaneighty2.

PS4-Slim_08-21-16_014 PS4-Slim_08-21-16_017

A Wall Street Journal article reported that Sony would be launching two consoles at their upcoming event. One will be a slimmed down version of the current PS4 with a cheaper price tag. The PlayStation 2 and 3 both had updated Slim versions so there’s no surprise here.


Officially announced by Sony last June, the PlayStation 4 Neo is a 4K-compatible version of the PS4, boasting the ideal scenario for PlayStation VR. Sony said during the June announcement that all PS4 games will work with both consoles, the difference only being the visual output experienced by gamers.

The images leaked were of the PlayStation 4 Slim unboxed. What you can see is a much thinner casing with the familiar design feel of the PlayStation 4. However, the edges are rounded unlike the straight-edged and pointy design of the current PlayStation 4. The design is familiar and looks like a nice update to an almost four-year-old console.

We are excited to see what Sony has in store for us on September 7.

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