PhotoScan: Keeping the old with the new


PhotoScan is a new app by Google Photos that lets you scan and save your favourite photos that weren’t taken in a digital format. Everybody has pictures taken with point-and-shoot and disposable cameras and printed back in the day. Google gives us the chance to save those pictures from any future calamities if at all.

The app allows users to scan their pictures quickly and easily without any added glare so that there is no need to edit the pictures post scan. The scans can be easily backed up to Google Photos for safekeeping. Here they can be safe, searchable, and organized. These can further be edited and customized with movies, filters and advanced controls.

In order to scan an image, all one has to do is follow the instructions on the screen and make sure the phone is aligned with the border of the picture.

This seems like a great initiative by Google and the older folks will definitely see a better use for this app while they try to recreate some of their fonder moments in the digital realm. To get the app, head over to Google Play or the Apple App Store and hit download.