Oppo reveals new “Waterfall” screen design with extremely curved edges

As if regular curved displays weren't divisive enough


Oppo has taken to its official Twitter account to show off a new display design that it calls “Waterfall screen”. Oppo has previously released curved displays such as the Find X, which is more conventional with tapered slopes on its sides. But with the Waterfall screen, Oppo is looking to take curved displays to new levels.

Waterfall display: curves on steroids

The photos revealed by Oppo shows how the Waterfall screen takes things to the next level. With this design, the company is able to extend the panel even further around the edges of the screen at 88 degrees. Due to this, the prototype seems have an unusually tall aspect ratio, at least through these images. Although this may seem cool, we will have to wait and watch as to how practical this design may be.

The “Waterfall screen” with crazy curves (via Oppo)

For instance, this design doesn’t allow enough room for power/volume buttons and would probably require an advanced palm rejection algorithm. It would be interesting to find out how Oppo plans to solve these issues. However, this design apparently makes picking up phones easier and provides more visual real estate by reducing bezels.

When can we expect to see this design on a smartphone?

Oppo often releases key technology or design in prototypes ahead of its upcoming devices in the form of a teaser. So it’s highly likely we’ll see this design soon on a commercial phone from either Oppo or its corporate cousin Vivo.

Will you enjoy watching videos on a screen with such extreme curves? (via Oppo)

While enthusiasts suspect that the sequel to Find X may sport this design, we’ll go ahead and wait for time to tell.