Oppo officially unveils world’s first under-screen camera

The unseen camera that sees you


At the MWC Shanghai 2019, Oppo has unveiled the first Under-screen Camera (USC) technology that may potentially revolutionise the smartphone industry.

Oppo leading Under Screen tech

Almost all smartphone companies today are attempting to maximise their screen-to-body ratios. As a result, the punch hole camera, notched display and the motorised pop-up camera were developed. But these are not future proof. People were sceptical about motorised cameras, for example, because they add mechanical moving parts to a phone.

OPPO showing off its USC
Image credit: Supplied

While the hole punch seemed like a better solution to a notch, there was room to maximise the screen further. The best scenario, of course, is to offer a true full screen experience by putting all the sensors at the front of the smartphone into the display itself. Once a far fetched idea, Oppo has done it.

USC technology

Apart from unveiling, Oppo has also given us insight as to how the technology works. The company says it has incorporated a highly transparent material that enables light to transmit through the screen.

The screen in front of the sensor is completely operational with no compromises to screen quality. Nonetheless, Oppo is aware of the drawbacks of flushing the camera into the screen. Problems like glare, haze and white balance have to be solved but custom built algorithms by the company will help overcome these issues.

Smart home appliances and 5G

Oppo also showcased its 5G capabilities with its Reno 5G variant. The phone is now cloud gaming-enabled, which means large-scale mobile games can be loaded via the 5G network. In addition to this, the smart home zone at MWC featured Oppo’s IoT open platform that is compatible with a large variety of brands across a range of products.

When will under-screen technology be available?

The company plans to launch a phone with its USC technology in the near future. Although it’s uncertain when, there is good reason to be excited.


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