Oppo presents its latest dual camera with 5x zoom at MWC 2017

Oppo made its name for super-powered selfie snappers, but can the Chinese brand do the same with the slightly more serious rear camera?

5x zoom
Oppo has done interesting things with smartphone camera tech

While the entire mobile world was releasing new (and old) devices, Oppo decided to show off its latest submarine periscope-inspired Dual Camera technology with 5x zoom. You know the feeling when you see an idea or a creation and you’re like “Wow. It was in front of us the whole time”? That’s what we felt at the announcement in Barcelona. 


5x zoom
OIS has been incorporated into the telephoto lens

The Dual Camera Zoom system consists of more than 50 individual parts tightly packed into a tiny space of just 5.7mm. The system works like a periscope and diverts light through a prism (as you can see above) into the telephoto lens inside the phone. Now, if you may be wondering about stabilisation since zoom is involved, Oppo seem to have thought of that too. It’s incorporated OIS onto the telephoto lens; the lens and prism adjust themselves by 0.0025 degrees (one thousandth of a degree) to adjust the image. 

5x zoom
OIS lets the lens and prism adjust themselves by 0.0025 degrees

Oppo had the the first 5MP front camera in the Oppo Ulike 2, the first smartphone with a 206-degree rotating camera in the Oppo N1, the first electronic rotating camera on the Oppo N3 and the Oppo F1 Plus, which sports a 16 MP front camera. Clearly Oppo knows what its doing in the camera department, let’s hope the 5X zoom turns out to be more than just a gimmick. 


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