OnePlus worked on a smartwatch but has abandoned launch plans


OnePlus has been a fascinating brand from the beginning. It took the smartphone market by storm with its flagship-spec phones priced far below the market price with no visible compromises on hardware or software quality. The phones felt great and worked great. Its invite system allowed it to manage its supply based on perceived demand.

OnePlus had a great sense of design and it used that to create sleek accessories such as cases and power banks. It even released the OnePlus X last year, its budget-spec phone at an even ridiculous price compared to the competition. Now it makes sense for OnePlus to foray into wearables as almost every phone manufacturer has done. I believe OnePlus would even do a good job on it, but all plans were scrapped at the drawing board. “We had completed the design, but we still decided to scrap it,” OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau said in an interview. “We have to be focused.”

We got no other information on the possible smartwatch, but I feel it hasn’t scrapped plans entirely and is working on it for a later date. We know one thing for sure as far as wearables are concerned: it’s not a race where the first products win, it’s whoever gets it right. OnePlus could potentially release a great product at a great price point and make wearables more mainstream. OnePlus has done wonders with its smartphones and just like its slogan, it won’t want to settle on just anything.


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