OnePlus TV: Flagship TV killer?


OnePlus has been known to shake things up. It did this when launching its first smartphone, the OnePlus One, and history’s now repeating itself. Say hello to the OnePlus TV.

Pete Lau,Founder and CEO of OnePlus, announced on Friday that the Chinese brand will launch the TV in next year.

Oneplus TV: What to expect

From what Lau says, the company will be focusing on design, image quality and sound. He claims that over the next five years, improvements in 5G connectivity and AI technology will help improve the way we live our lives.

There are no specs or hardware leaks yet, but the TV would have to be at least 4K HDR to keep up with current competitors. It would definitely need to have some sort of AI integration to seem smart enough. Alexa or Google Assistant would also be welcome additions to such a TV.

We’re hoping to see a new type of shakedown in an already cut-throat industry. Maybe the OnePlus TV can do for TVs what the company has already done for smartphones.


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