OnePlus beats Samsung’s fast charging capabilities


The OnePlus 3 is quite a powerhouse for the price it comes at. And among the powerhouse features is a neat one called Dash Charge, which gives the phone the ability to charge its 3,000mAh battery at incredible speeds.


OnePlus has been boasting this feature as the flagship killer in the field of charge time in its latest YouTube video. In the video, the device faces off against the other big flagship, Samsung Galaxy S7. The Samsung device is also a strong contender with its adaptive charging feature, but if the video is any proof, it doesn’t stand a chance against the OnePlus 3.

The video shows the devices competing in 2 rounds. In the first, it’s a straight-up charge competition with screens turned off. OnePlus takes the lead easily reaching 64 per cent in the same time Samsung reaches 50 per cent.

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Both contenders need to show their chops in the second round, but OnePlus kills it. The round involves charging with the screens turned on as the screen is the bane of battery life. OnePlus easily handles the same speeds as when the screen was turned off, whereas Samsung barely creeps along.

OnePlus was the clear winner here, paving its way to flagship killer status ever so slowly, but surely. Even in our use of the device, we’ve noted a stellar charging speed.



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