OnePlus won’t adopt wireless charging for 5T

OnePlus to introduce wireless charging “when the time is right”. On the bright side, we get to plug that Emily Ratajkowski video again


OnePlus has confirmed it will be shunning wireless charging technology for its upcoming flagship, the OnePlus 5T, instead giving primary focus to its Dash Charge technology. In a forum post, the Chinese phone manufacturer said it has considered introducing wireless charging to its smartphones. However, it ultimately decided not to.

Why decide against wireless charging? 

The first reason it gives comes down to numbers. Dash Charge technology is able to produce 20 watts of power and by comparison, some wireless charging pads produce a theoretical power output of 15 watts. In simple terms, wireless charging can’t really come close to the fast charging speeds of Dash Charge.

OnePlus Dash Chargers are easily recognisable thanks to their unique red and white casing

The second reasonthe Chinese brand gives for excluding wireless charging comes down to convenience. A conventional wired charger is easier to transport for users on the move. Wireless charging creates constraints, argues OnePlus, since you need to account for all the pads, cases, tables and lamps that support the feature. It’s just not as simple as the concept yet.

So no wireless charging ever? 

Of course, OnePlus can’t discount the technology altogether. It’s not easy to predict where the company will stand when it comes to wireless charging a year or two from now. OnePlus is biding its time and wants to get into the game when the system is perfected and equally convenient and in our opinion this is how tech companies should approach emerging technologies on their devices.

In case you don’t know what Dash Charging is:

The wireless charging revolution

It’s an unfortunate reality that wireless charging has yet to have its renaissance the way fast charging and the removal of the headphone jack have had in the recent years. Samsung, LG and even Apple have now adopted wireless charging for their flagship devices. It has hardly become ubiquitous or as convenient as the promise of the technology is.

Wireless charging or not, we’re very excited to see what OnePlus has lined up for us at the upcoming launch for the 5T.


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