OnePlus 5 coming this summer

Your next smartphone is just a few months away

Oneplus 3 at Dh1499

OnePlus has confirmed to The Verge that fans can expect the OnePlus 5 to drop this summer. If you’re thinking you missed the release of the OnePlus 4, worry not. The number four is considered unlucky in Chinese tradition, so OnePlus sidestepped it. Thanks to the launch of the OnePlus 3T late last year though, OnePlus 5 will be the fifth phone made. OnePlus says its main reason for the name is because a lot of its staffers are fans of former NBA basketball star Robert Horry, whose jersey number was five.

It’s good news that OnePlus broke the news through The Verge. It means they are aiming for a global release of the phone, meaning we won’t have to hunt the grey market for it at exorbitant prices.

Six months after the launch of the OnePlus 3, the company decided to release an upgraded version of the device, the Oneplus 3T. With a powerful Snapdragon 121 processor, new front camera and larger battery, this flagship device starts at just Dh1,629

Rumoured specs


No design or specifications of the phone are known as of yet, but there’s a number of rumours doing the rounds. You can expect the specifications of the phone to be on par with Samsung, LG and iPhone’s latest offerings.


Powered by the latest Snapdragon 835 chipset (first seen in Samsung’s Galaxy S8) and a 5.5-inch AMOLED display with either Full HD or QHD resolution. Some reports claim its screen might be curved on the sides.

RAM and storage

According to a post published on the Chinese social network Weibo by Kumamoto Technology, the device will offer 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. 

Battery and charging

The post also mentions a fingerprint scanner located on the front and a 3,600mAh battery. It will support the company’s Dash Charge technology, which will likely be even better this year. The flagship is expected to get fully charged a lot faster (25 per cent less time) when compared to its predecessor.


Keeping up with the latest trends, the OnePlus 5 is also expected to feature a dual-camera set-up on the back. The two cameras are likely to be positioned horizontally (as with the iPhone 7 Plus), not vertically (like the S8).


You can expect the same vanilla Android version of Nougat with a bucket full of customisation options in true OnePlus fashion.

There are too many conflicting rumors regarding the device’s design. The winning bet is that it won’t stray too far from the OnePlus 3T design, as it was a newer take on the phone, well-received and not very old. Safe to say there won’t be a drastic change such as a bezel-less device as we saw with the S8. A curved screen would be a good start though. We’ll keep you updated as and when the news flows in. For now, we can’t wait for the summer!


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