OnePlus 5 design set to be similar to the iPhone 7 Plus

A bit too inspired by Apple?


Every year, OnePlus seems to defy consumer expectations with their smartphones. Its phones manage to pack high end specifications on what is an affordable package, compared to other flagship smartphones. This year, OnePlus’ aim would be to do the same with the highly speculated OnePlus 5.

With the phone set to be announced on June 20, a new set of leaks seem to be making the rounds. First received by Android Police, the below picture comes from an anonymous source.

A render of the OnePlus 5

The picture was eventually confirmed to be the OnePlus 5 and to reaffirm this, full pictures of the back and sides were shortly tweeted out after by SlashLeaks.

These pictures do not leave much to the imagination. The design language is very identical to the current iPhone 7 Plus. Right from the matte black paint job to the antenna bands at the top and bottom edges of the phone. In fact, even the dual camera is found on the top left, exactly where it is on the iPhone 7 Plus.

That being said, the design isn’t bad. It is just very uninspired. But interestingly, the recent partnership with camera quality assurance company DxOMark seems to have been put to action here. Of late, OnePlus and its members have been teasing images taken from the OnePlus 5.

The company has even set up a smartphone photography contest whose winners will eventually be the first ones to see the OnePlus 5. The company seems to be very confident with their product.

But what is worrying is the front of the phone. This year, flagship smartphones have really gone through a design change. Bezel-less fronts on both the LG G6 and Samsung’s Galaxy S8/S8+ have set the bar very high. It looks like even Apple may adopt this change. So with these phones being the OnePlus 5’s primary competitors, the bezels we see in the leaks are not particularly appetizing. Could OnePlus have skipped this trend for a now cheaper Quad-HD panel instead subsequently saving on costs?

The word ‘focus’ emphasizes on the camera of the OnePlus 5. Event Starts at 8PM GST

While the leaks flow, we are just under two weeks away from the official launch of the phone. OnePlus sure has a lot of weight riding on its shoulders and we hope the company is able to deliver. If you’re looking for a more detailed specification list about the phone, check out our coverage here.


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