Is the Oneplus 3T really an upgrade?



Last year’s flagship killer OnePlus 3 was already an amazing phone. It had top-notch specs priced at almost half of what other flagships such as Samsung, HTC and LG offer. OnePlus isn’t known of having more than one flagship a year – but this time round it’s upgrading the 3 to 3T (Turbo Maybe?). Many users felt unhappy hearing about the new mid cycle upgrade and many are wondering if it’s worth it to buy a new OnePlus 3T. This isn’t a full review but just what are the major changes and if it’s worth the upgrade.



There is almost no change to the design of the OnePlus 3 and 3T. They look almost identical except there is a new color variant – a darker “Gunmetal” finish.


Since it’s a mid-cycle refresh OnePlus opted to go with the latest Snapdragon 821 opposed to the OnePlus 3’s SD 820. While the new processor is slightly better in performance, the difference is only marginal. On the OnePlus 3, the AnTuTu score was around 143,000 and now on the 3T the score is 164,000 approximately. This doesn’t translate to major real life performance difference. Apps and games might open marginally faster, but that is also thanks to the new F2FS file system on the 3T. with the Nougat update already out now, the F2FS system is also supported on the OP 3 hence making the difference even less substantial.


This is one of the very few major changes between the OP 3 and 3T. The OP 3 has a 3000 mAh battery while the 3T now holds a 3400 mAh battery in the exactly the same size and shape. This 13% increase does make a difference in overall endurance of the phone. The OP 3 gave me around 4.5 hours of SOT on daily usage and now the upgraded 3T gives me around 5 hours of SOT. Great job here OnePlus!


This is another difference between the 3 and 3T. The 3T now has a 16MP front camera as compared to the 8MP found on the OP 3. Picture quality on the 3T is slightly better and has more detail, but the shutter speed felt a tad slower than the OP 3. If you are a selfie lover, this might be the OnePlus you are looking for.

As for the Rear camera, it’s still 16MP and the only thing different is now the 3T has an EIS on the gyroscope of the phone just like the Google Pixel. This change still has barely any difference in picture or video quality of the 3T.


Software is very identical in both the 3 and 3T. And now that the Nougat update is available there is no difference in terms of software features or tweaks on both phones.


So for $40 more, should you buy an OP 3 or OP 3T? Well if you are looking to upgrade to a new phone, especially if you are looking for a Nexus replacement – the 3T is the best choice. With just a $40 more you are still getting the latest from OnePlus and you will have the latest internals and a battery boost too!

Should you upgrade from a OP 3? NO! There is no need to upgrade if you are already using a OP 3. The OP 3 is still a stellar phone and with the new software updates, there is barely any difference in overall usage of both phones. If the 13% battery improvement and 16MP camera are making you jealous (which shouldn’t) then maybe you should go through the hassle of selling your OP 3 and then looking for deals on OP 3T.



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