Is Brexit going to affect OnePlus 3?


Brexit has brought about uncertainty in various industries in the UK as well as Europe. And this uncertainty causes consumers to be wary, which directly affects their spending and that affects industries. Smartphone manufacturers have meagre profit margins and the cool-down in the market had the manufacturers already worried before the Brexit scare.

With the British pound dropping in value, consumer spending might decrease even more. With the imminent change in export laws and taxes, international tech brands like Samsung and LG have already forecasted difficult times ahead. The first brand though to have come out and warned its British customers is OnePlus. It is forecasting future price hikes in export and urging its fans in the UK to buy the latest OnePlus 3 before it is forced to increase the price of the phone in order to stay profitable.


This sounds like a marketing move from OnePlus, which it definitely is, but the underlying concern is real and valid, though not something that may be immediately threatening to the company. Something similar had happened in early 2015 when the euro had dropped to its lowest in nine years compared to the dollar.



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