NVIDIA launches gigantic gaming monitor


There’s already an influx of high-end gaming monitors on every corner waiting to pop your eyeballs straight out of their sockets. But NVIDIA felt these just weren’t cutting it. So it decided on the GO BIG option. The graphics card manufacturer is calling it the Big Format Gaming Display. It is the world’s first big-screen PC gaming display, specifically designed with gamers in mind who seek the ultimate 4K PC gaming experience.

What is the NVIDIA BFGD?

The displays have been announced by NVIDIA in partnership with Acer, Asus and HP to start with. In essence, it has developed a reference platform for the aforementioned manufacturers to produce displays that combine an Android TV (NVIDIA Shield) with NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology and a 4K 120Hz HDR screen. Also these screens are meant to be at least 65 inches or bigger in size.

BFGD specs

The company is calling these “BFGDs” or Big Format Gaming Displays. Obviously this works best when used with the absolute best graphics card for optimum visuals. These BFGDs have ultra-low input latency, just like a PC gaming monitor, for fluid and responsive big-screen gaming experiences.

When not used for gaming, the NVIDIA Shield feature kicks in making it a streaming device for all your other entertainment and viewing pleasures. It holds support for all major streamers such as Amazon, HBO, Hulu, Netflix and YouTube.

How much will these cost?

As of now we don’t have a price yet, but stay tuned to announcements from the manufacturers. These are namely Acer, Asus and HP for now, but we can expect to see updates from them soon.




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